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Gobble Holler Field Events

Gobble Holler Field Event Rules

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Gotta Have Some Rules!
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Everyone likes to have a good time soo....We have to have a few rules to follow. These will be enforced so please have a great time!

Just some Simple rules to follow.....
Leave Your Attitude at Home!
NO ATV'S or Dirt Bikes
NO Glass Bottles
NO Weapons of Any kind, Those found with weapons will be escorted off property.
NO ONE UNDER 18, you must present a valid ID at gate.
Trash Barrels and dumpsters are avalable -Thankyou.
NO Cars or Trucks on Vendor Row.. BIKES ONLY !
NO Bikes on Vendor Row During Field Events
IF you must leave you must have a sober Driver!
We all want to party, and have a safe and fun filled weekend!
Any Arm Bands Lost or Tampered with you will repurchase or be asked to leave.

Gobble Holler Field Events
P.O. Box 83
Fredericktown, MO. 63645